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Downsizing Experience

We took on a challenge to make downsizing not only an environmentally friendly but also a socially responsible act, which can create value for downsizers, mission-driven charitable organizations and make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged population.

What needs to happen

Today's Downsizing Experience: Non-ecological and Transactional

Downsizing usually happens in the midst of life transitioning events, when people are focused on the next chapter in their lives.

Getting rid of things becomes an afterthought and a burden.

That's why downsizing is often associated with hauling away junk: it's easier and faster to get rid of things rather than trying to find the right place to donate, or take the time to sell your belongings.

The whole experience is quite transactional too: not all service providers are aware of emotional background that every downsizing family is going through.

Make Downsizing more personal

Downsizing can be very stressful and overwhelming. But you don't have to be alone going through a life transition.

Our focus is to make it more comfortable and easy. We want to create a partnership with you to help you focus on the end result.

You get personable service, save time and get monetary return from auction on top of it.

Ecosystem for Downsizing

We went an extra mile and created a safe, trustworthyand environmentally-consciousecosystem for that serve people in transitional life events, as well as auction sellers and buyers, downsize managers, employees, charity donors and mission-driven organizations.

In our ecosystem everyone can create value for themselves and for others through downsizing and helping to downsize.

Circular Economy Model. Bringing it all together

We arrived to the integration of Things Matter and our sister company Downsize Managers so that these two parts could support each other in the work to unite people, community and organizations around the idea of circular economy.

Environmentally conscious downsizing, donations and auctions provide a sustainable future for our employees, mission-driven organizations, and environment.

Circular Economy

At Things Matter and Downsize Managers, we are committed to incorporating the principles of the circular economy into our mission.

By bringing together individuals, communities, and purpose-driven organizations, we aim to revolutionize the downsizing experience.

Through our auctions and donations, we give previously owned items a new lease on life, while also promoting sustainability and social welfare.
Diagram showing the concept of sircular economy with Downsize Managers on the left and Things Matter on the right

Our Partners

Our sister organization "Downsize Managers" is a for-profit company that provides a service to help people create a plan for downsizing their lives. Through its service, Downsize Managers helped numerous families to organize their estate sales.

Everything that could not be sold, was donated through Things Matter.
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