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Sustainable Future for People and Planet

Donating to mission-driven organizations is an important way to create a more caring and compassionate society. By supporting these organizations, we can help provide resources and assistance to those in need, enabling them to rebuild their lives and achieve a better future.

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Things Matter focused on increasing the number of recycled or reused durable goods
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Increasing the number of recycled and repurposed durable goods

According to EPA.gov, quarter 25% of all landfill waste is so called durable goods: those goods are replaced infrequently like appliances, furniture or office equipment. It was staggering 51.1 million tons, with only 18% of it was recycled.
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25% of durable goods that went to landfill
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Only 18% of all durable goods were recycled
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Things Matter lowers furniture waste by donating gently used furniture to local charities and mission-driven organizations
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Lower the furniture Waste numbers

According to epa.com, 80% - 9.7 million tons - of all furniture waste went to landfill in 2018 with only 0.3% of it recycled.
circle with 12.2 million number inside
12.2 million tons of furniture waste was generated in 2018
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80% of furniture waste went to landfill
circle with 0.3% green part
0.3% of landfill furniture waste was recycled
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Things Matter supports a Work Experience Program in partnership with local mission-driven organizations to close income disparity and provide employees with opportunities for growth and sustainable future.
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Closing the bridge on employment disparity

26.2% of Bridgeport, CT residents had an income below the poverty level in 2019, which was 61.7% greater than the poverty level of 10.0% across the entire state of Connecticut. Taking into account residents not living in families, 18.0% of high school graduates and 40.5% of non high school graduates live in poverty.
Bar chart with colorful bars showcaing poverty levels
The percentage of residents living in poverty, according to City Data: 26.2% (17.6% for White Non-Hispanic residents, 19.5% for Black residents, 35.1% for Hispanic or Latino residents, 38.3% for American Indian residents, 24.1% for Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander residents, 27.1% for other race residents, 19.2% for two or more races residents.)

Waste Reduction, reuse and recycle program at Things Matter

Last year, we helped people in need get over $100,000 in materials such as furniture, electronics and clothing, and that is just the tip of the iceberg of the over $400 million worth of goods that go to landfills.

That's why our commitment to circular economy principles is so important, as it allows us to give these items a second life and keep them out of landfills. By applying these principles, we are able to create a more sustainable future for everyone.
Diagram showing the concept of sircular economy with Downsize Managers on the left and Things Matter on the right

Join us and help our mission

Learn on how your support can make a difference at Things Matter and our network of nonprofits, charities and mission-driven organizations.
Fundraising can be a great way to engage your community and help us generate awareness and support to propel our mission.
Our volunteer program brings people together to share their time and skills to work for the common good and make a difference in our community.

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